5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Published on 6/18/2021

1. Customer Service

Why is customer service number one? These are YOUR things you are looking to store therefore when you need access to them or need anything regarding them, there better be someone going out of their way to help you.

2. Trust

Often storage companies are solely focused on profit, which means they undoubtedly cut corners. As a customer, you should trust a company’s employees and safety measures. After all, they are storing your belongings.

3. Affordability

A storage unit needs to be within your budget. It is as simple as that. Most customer will search for the best deals on the market because we all want a great product for a low cost.

4. Convenience

There is only so much time in a day, and odds are you do not want to drive 30 minutes to access your storage unit. Convenience is one of the largest components of our business plan. We can bring your rental unit to you, no travel time necessary. You have complete access to your unit at all time in the comfort of your backyard without the added cost.

5. Reliability

When investing in a product, it needs to be reliable over time. Companies continue to produce sheds and storage units out of cheap materials that do not last. This causes extra investment for the customer to keep up with maintenance responsibilities. At My Storage, our product is completely maintenance-free. Our units are made out of sheet metal, red iron, and steel and come with a 40-year paint warranty. When you place our units in your backyard or rent from our facilities, you know the unit will last for years to come.